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I'm Melanie and a traveling coffee blogger based in the South. This space is about more than coffee though - it's about the people who serve it, the spaces you drink it and the convos that bloom around it. Won't you join me?

Savannah Coffee Roasters, Savannah, GA

Savannah Coffee Roasters, Savannah, GA

215 W Liberty St, Savannah, GA 31401

My journey to Savannah Coffee Roasters began at The House of Strut. My friend and I were strolling around vintage clothing stores south of downtown on Bull St and we found ourselves directed twice to the House of Strut. We found a pink house and with a white door covered in glitter. We knew we were in the right place.


When we walked in, the sweetest, most jubilant blonde greeted us right away, took our bags and gave us a complete rundown of the shop. She epitomizes what a great shop owner should be.

While snooping on her conversation with some folks, I got a feel for what a change agent she is in Savannah. She created a fashion show for children of the Savannah in an effort to bridge the socioeconomic divide between factions of the community. Kids, who would have likely never me each other, teamed up and designed together. The perceived 'differences' between them were dissolved through their creative efforts.


I came to know this beautiful soul as Erica. 

In asking a few questions about the local area, it came out in conversation that I had JUST started a coffee blog. Erica didn't care how about how big or small Coffee Hunch was. She was excited and ready to help in any way possible, which in this case consisted of her laying out everything she knew about coffee shops in Savannah.


Then, midway through our conversation, she disappeared and came back with her favorite local coffee, PERC, as a gift.

Erica, I wish there were more folks like you in the world. Your kindness is overwhelming. Thank you for being the passionate ray of sunshine you are.

An Erica must-see is one of Savannah's oldest coffee houses:

Savannah Coffee Roasters


Savannah Coffee Roasters (SCR, for short) was established in 1909. We're talking about a coffee shop that is over a century old. You won't find those too often in the States. Looking at their logo reminds me of the East Indian Trading company; while the shop obviously isn't old enough to have been apart of this British Empire... its logo gives East Indian feels. Every barista we met was bend-over-backwards kind; they opened the roastery to us and gave us the full history on this unique place.

SCR really has it all, to include all the space. It's interior is very airy. There's plenty of seating to get a large group of folks together here on a weekend for a meet up. Their sweets collection certainly isn't lacking and while pavlova isn't necessarily a breakfast food, I couldn't resist the opportunity to try theirs! Pavlova is like a fluffy meringue cookie. Egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar make up the base and a mixture of mascarpone cheese and heavy cream go on top before it's topped with berries.

The best part of this visit, however, was the chance to have a flat-white again. Be warned, many people get the flat white plain wrong. A flat-white is normally a double-shot of espresso with micro-foamed milk (the thick glossy type with small bubbles). This espresso-based drink originated in Australia, but it's slowly catching steam across the globe. It's now common in England and has begun gaining popularity in the States after being added to Starbucks menus. CAUTION though; Starbucks doesn't quite have it right. There's no such thing as a tall, grande or venti flat white; it's meant to be 5.5 oz and equal parts espresso and milk.

SCR got the flat-white right. Without exaggeration, it was perfect. 

 I'm betting much of it has to do with more than preparation though. It's got to be the beans. 

SCR sources their beans from all over the globe and roasts in house. Behind the barista bar, you'll find two roasters, which are typically manned Monday thru Friday. On this wall is 'Captain's Choice', voted one of the Top 10 USA coffees. Captain's Choice is a medium-bodied, smooth and well balanced with a mixture of French roasted and medium roast finest Arabican beans. Needless to say, I took a bag for the road.

Get your own Captain's Choice beans here:


Veteran-owned and veteran-brewed. And now, veteran visited. Can't wait to go back!









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