Howdy y'all!   

I'm Melanie Dane.



I'm an Air Force Officer and Texas girl at heart. I'm currently based out of Sumter, South Carolina. I discovered my adoration of coffee shops in 2014 as a grad student in London. It's been a hobby of mine ever since. A hobby, you say?

My husband posed the same question...

YES. A hobby.

It means wherever I go and whatever I do, I'm looking for an independent coffee shop close-by. And friends, this girl loves to travel and she's got a job that lets her do it!


Speaking of husband...

Meet Andrew. Not Drew. And definitely not Andy.

Andrew is my part-time Instagram husband, full-time pilot. He humors my coffee ventures, so long as I go fishing with him, and takes photos, when asked very nicely. He's in New Mexico, because, well ... that's just life in the military!