Superior Coffee, Beaufort, SC

Superior Coffee feels like an antique merchandise story and old Southern cafe had a baby; it’s quintessentially Southern. Serving award-winning pie and Counterculture Coffee, there are only good things to say about this little slice of perfection.

Vesta Coffee, Las Vegas, NV

Vesta Coffee is the premier specialty coffee house in Vegas, both roasting and serving high-quality coffee. Their specialty coffee, their food menu and their cozy, minimalist vibe set them apart from the rest.

Aware, Las Vegas, NV

Aware Coffee is a minimalist coffee shop with a diverse menu in Northern Las Vegas, featuring premium coffee and teas. With all flavors cultivated in house, their specialty lattes are high interested items and most shop visitors can’t resist grabbing boba tea as a nice treat.

PublicUs, Las Vegas, NV

PublicUs is beautiful and uniquely designed space in Vegas’s East Fremont District that emphasizes an eclectic menu, speciality coffee and a genuine heart for serving community. It’s brunch is a must.

Revelator, Nashville, TN

Revelator in Nashville focuses on simplicity and quality, two characteristics that serve as the foundation for this well-known Southern coffee roaster. Having opened in 2015, this location serves as Revelator’s fifth location.

Crema, Nashville, TN

Crema is a quaint, zero-waste and minimalist shop perched on the edge of downtown. Co-owners Ben and Rachel are passionate about their single origin roasts and hosting classes for coffee consumer education.

BOX - Bongo on 10th, Nashville, TN

Bongo Java is a cult Nashville classic, with over 11 storefronts across town. The Bongo on 10th location offers a neighborhood retreat from bustle, noting a complete bakery and clean square-like vibes. Most visitors are on busy buzzing away on laptops with homework or telework.

The Well, Nashville, TN

The Well Coffeehouse turns coffee into water by putting the profits of every coffee sale towards its drive to create access to clean water all over the globe. The Well matches their powerful mission with single-origin, top-notch coffee.

Cafe Roze, Nashville, TN

Cafe Roze is a elegant, minimalist cafe in East Asheville, that adds a unique twist and vibrancy to foodie favorites. It’s Roze or Turmeric Latte are sure to leave you wanting more!

Zolli Koffee, Nashville, TN

Killebrew Coffee is an eclectic coffee shop in downtown Nashville that brew Bongo Java coffee and serves a range of munching options. They share a seating area with Jackelope Brewing Co and are very bike friendly, with a tire repair station to boot.

Frothy Monkey, Nashville, TN

This Frothy Monkey on 12th South is real OG of this Nashville born coffee shop series. Frothy Monkey serves locally made yummies from morning to evening and embraces the neighborhood coffee house concept.

Caviar and Bananas, Nashville, TN

Caviar and Bananas is most well known for its vino, its cheese counter, its craft wine and beer selection and luxurious snacks; however, in Nashville it’s a peeper on the coffee scene and the store is out of this world stunning.