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Mirabelle Cafe, Savannah, GA

Mirabelle Cafe, Savannah, GA

313 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401

This posts marks the happy end of my Savannah coffee tour. This visit gave the feeling, for a brief hour, that I'd been transported back to Europe. Our very last stop before hitting the road was the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. My first visit to Europe, I was utterly captivated by the appreciation I felt inside historic cathedrals - the nostalgic feeling that you get being inside things of old. Being only 250 or so years young, I was convinced America would have nothing like it.

Put simply, The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist came pretty close. 


And Mirabella Cafe was oh-so conveniently just across the street.

Mirabelle Cafe reminds me of a cafe I'd see on the streets in France. The Parisian bistro chairs and the Robin's Egg Blue had me sold from the start. Unsurprisingly, this looks and feel is precisely what the owners had in mind.

Mirabelle is known for their authentic Belgian Liege Waffles, the less known brother of the Belgian Waffle.

"It is a sweet and enriched dough with bits of Pearl Sugar folded into it. While the sweet enriched dough cooks on the cast iron, the "pearls" of sugar in the dough melt and caramelize."
mirabella menu.jpg

Still stuffed from brunch

We went for coffee. Waffles are a must next time!


85° and 2 mile walk,

iced coffee it was.

Mirabelle is another on the list of independent shops around Savannah that brews PERC coffee. The cafe is geared towards folks coming in for a light breakfast or travelers looking for a snack on the go. My iced-coffee hit the spot just right; the Iced Maple Latte and Raspberry Peace Lemonade were tempting options for a round two. I also found it sweet that they had a big complimentary jug of water for hot visitors from the Cathedral across the way.

This cafe is also so alluring for folks (like me) who are constantly admiring the interior design choices of shop owners! Mirabella's walls were covered in the most complimentary wallpaper I've ever seen. I'd never considered using wallpaper in my own home, especially wallpaper with birds on them, but the chic look of the wallpaper made me forget my disdain for wallpaper. Though to be fair, my dislike of wallpaper stems from having to take it down more than anything else.

Of note:

Mirabelle Cafe is the downstairs of Mirabelle Suites - a European-inspired boutique hotel nestled in this historic 1860s building. It's no wonder that the design seems to be a focal point of the cafe. The cafe is small inside, but it does play host to high-chair seating by the front windows, a gorgeous plush corner bench table to seat a large group, and some smaller tables to sit at with a friend or two. Oh, and of course, the seating just out front that gives you a perfect spot to admire the Cathedral across the way.

This is a great stop - and a great surprise - for a coffee pick-me-up or a Belgian waffle snack. My only regret is not having tried the latter!


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