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I'm Melanie and a traveling coffee blogger based in the South. This space is about more than coffee though - it's about the people who serve it, the spaces you drink it and the convos that bloom around it. Won't you join me?

The Collins Quarter, Savannah, GA

The Collins Quarter, Savannah, GA

151 Bull Street, Savannah, GA


Hands down, my favorite place in Savannah. 

The best brunch.

And coffee.

And champagne.

And everything.


In 2014, the Collins Quarter brought Australia to Savannah. It packaged Collins Street in Melbroune and imported it into this perfect space on the corner of Oglethorpe and Bull Street. It brought gorgeous interiors, decadent meals and the world-class coffee.


I'd never had a turmeric latte, the magic referred to as Golden Milk, and this felt like the right opportunity. It could not have been more perfect for the occasion! Creamy with a subtle hint of spice. Having read reviews about another must-try, my friend Alannah ordered the Mocha Lavender Latte. And friends, I think we both found heaven in a cup. Their coffee menu is truly supreme. 

I wanted everything: Flat White, House-Made Chai Latte, Matcha Latte and Madagascar Vanilla Latte.

The good news: If your strolling on Bull St (if you visit, you'll be on this street most of the time), pop by their to-go window and grab something to take with you!

Coffee corner.



coffee window.

Back to Brunch

Brunch is everyday of the week, except Tuesday, from 8 AM to 3 PM. And friends, you want don't want to miss this. You CANNOT go wrong with anything on the menu. The Collins Quarter has put a little soul inside every dish; they put a unique twist on some brunch favorites.

Pictured below (left, top to bottom):  Swine Time Beni, The Caprese, Biscuits Gone Wild; (right) Biscuits Gone Wild.

The vibe in here is just so happy. They played old pop hits our entire visit; I kid you not, every single person was dancing in their chair and swaying back and forth to mix of Michael Jackson and Hall and Oates. At one point, the coffee bar began clapping, singing and stomping together. I thought a flash mob would break out at any moment. So much joy reverberated off the brick walls and wood floors and into the bums of all our fellow brunchers.


The verdict is out. This place is a MUST-SEE.

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Mirabelle Cafe, Savannah, GA

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