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Books on Broad, Camden, SC

Books on Broad, Camden, SC

944 Broad St, Camden, SC, 29020

When I move somewhere, I get extremely eager to begin exploring. However, I have his weird thing where I don't want to explore too quickly in the fear that I'll discover everything and have nothing left. Real talk: there's this coffee shop in Sumter that I've actually been avoiding because I'm saving it. What am I saving it for? I have no idea. It's like buying a cute new dress and then saving it for the perfect occasion. Can anyone relate? Am I strange or is there anyone else out there that does this?

Well anyway... for this reason, I was timid to go to Camden -- mainly because I was just really excited to go Camden! However, with a wide open weekend and a fabulous friend, I had no excuse to continuing trying to 'save' Camden. On a Saturday, Dawn and I set off for lunch, antiquing and coffee (with a particular coffee shop in mind).

Books on Broad

Camden Outside.jpg

Don't let the name fool you; this isn't just a bookstore. Though to be clear; it's a fabulous bookstore. I mean, just look at it.

Camden Inside.jpg

Perfect bookshelves. Leather bound books. New finds. Chandeliers. Classic wooden flooring. Brick walls. Big front windows. And plenty of places to sit with a new book.

Camden Chair.jpg
The House of Land.jpg

My choice: a book on national parks.

But you want to talk about coffee, right?

Camden Side View.jpg

At the back of the shop, we find the coffee shop.

We find ourselves at the coffee counter and if you're me, you find yourself once again unsure of what you actually want to order. Will today be a pretty latte day or do you go with chilled cold brew because its 85 degrees outside?

In 4 out of 5 cases this summer, cold brew has won me over.

Camden Coffee Shop.jpg

On the right side of the board, you can see the Camden Favorites -- lattes like Honey Lavender and Snickers Mocha. But, you're not limited there. This is just about the only place in Camden to get a proper espresso. And a good one at that. There are also plenty of pastries and snacks to satiate your book-reading appetite. 

Camden Blend.jpg

King Bean

A Charleston-based roaster.

Books on Broad brews King Bean coffee, a Charleston-based roaster. King Bean's goal is to bring quality coffee beans to the South and they're doing that in Camden at Books on Broad with a speciality Camden Blend. The founders of King Bean are inspired by Italian roasting and have such a neat story themselves -- if you're curious or are a S. Carolina resident looking for a good roast, read their story or order beans here. (No, I'm not sponsored, just inspired.)

Camden Bookshelves.jpg



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