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I'm Melanie and a traveling coffee blogger based in the South. This space is about more than coffee though - it's about the people who serve it, the spaces you drink it and the convos that bloom around it. Won't you join me?

Drip Coffee, Columbia, SC

Drip Coffee, Columbia, SC

729 Saluda Ave, Columbia, SC, 29205

Sometimes, I feel like life is a repeating cycle of silver linings. We want something really bad, but we don't get it. We're upset at first, but slowly we begin to find a glimmer of hope. Eventually, we find a reason to emerge grateful for fate. If we're smart, we make peace with our season. This last assignment cycle, I was confident my next duty station would put my spouse and I together. God had other plans. But He never gives more than we can handle, right?


Right. Because, it just so happened my very best friend, my Maid of Honor and my college roommate is stationed at Shaw. To put this miracle in perspective: There are about 60 active-duty Air Force bases out there folks and we're now at the same one. The good Lord knew what he was doing. This post is a celebration of our reunion and our first coffee-shop endeavor together just up the road in Columbia.

While we're playing introductions, this lady over to the left, the one that looks like she should be a supermodel, this is my girl Alannah. 

Or Lon. Lonnie if we're getting real crazy.

Drip (for short) is near a part of downtown Columbia called Five Points. Unlike our coffee shop, there was no big creativity here folks; it's a point where about five streets meet together. But oh, what a wonderful little place it is. Of the two Drip locations, I opted for this one because of the unique restaurants and boutiques around it.

We couldn't resist the eclectic brekkie options. Alannah went for a French Press coffee and a spruced-up Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel and I tried the Rose and Cardamom Latte with a Pork Pelly and Bleu Cheese Biscuit. 

Given the uniqueness of the menu, these were actually difficult decisions. The food and coffee FOMO was strong. No regrets though - we both thoroughly enjoyed our choices. Both breakfast sandwiches were fresh, warm and full of flavor! Lon's coffee was easy to enjoy black, which to us amateurs signifies good coffee. I discovered how delicious cardamom is in a latte and took mental note to try it at home. 


Lots of coffee options

+ I spy a sign that says Mimosa Sunday

Drip serves a range of single-origin beans to choose from for either a pour-over or old-school French Press option. They also maintain a strong espresso based menu (hence, my delicious Rose and Cardamom latte). 

There's bar seating and a few tables along a bench on the wall across from the bar (not pictured) and two coveted tables right outside the store front. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of ages and walks of life in the shop; we sat down a few tables from some older men with mullets and goatees that we wanted to befriend. I love these coffee shop dwellers.

We started inside and then pounced on an outdoor table when it's occupants left. I'm glad we went back inside before we left, because when we went to bus our dishes, we found a really neat area at the back of the store that hosted additional seating and a robust record collection.

I'd go back in a heart beat and probably will soon! 

Lula's Coffee Co and Soule' Cafe, Florence, SC

Lula's Coffee Co and Soule' Cafe, Florence, SC

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