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I'm Melanie and a traveling coffee blogger based in the South. This space is about more than coffee though - it's about the people who serve it, the spaces you drink it and the convos that bloom around it. Won't you join me?

Evergreen Organics, Doha, Qatar

Evergreen Organics, Doha, Qatar

Palazzo 1, Mercato Qanat Quartier, Doha, Qatar

I have a 1000 things I want to do. However, I'm in a season of life that doesn't permit me to chase them. I've been consciously trying to refrain from perpetuating the narrative that I'm 'busy.' If you didn't know, I am currently deployed and as my father would say, the man has me working long, long days. But that's not an excuse to play the 'busy' card because honestly, aren't we all?! I've been good at beating myself up for not posting more often (I've got a whopping 15+ shops to catch up on, with 10 in Nashville alone). But before guilt sets in, I remind myself (over and over) that I've chosen not to prioritize blogging. In the small bits of free time I do have, I chosen to live more in the present. I've been saying 'yes' to more opportunities to laugh and explore with friends, which means I've said 'no' to the blog. Self-judgement kicks in and I think: Man... Maybe, I'm not dedicated enough... But I hope you'll join me in saying that it's all ALRIGHT. You don't mind the lapse, right?


I am here to tell you about one of these moments when I chose to say YES to exploring with friends. A girlfriend of mine said that there vegan cafe with the BEST Flat White at the Pearl, a ritzy area of Doha that could most easily be described as French Arabia. On my last Saturday off, we jettisoned over there and complete INDULGED.  


Evergreen captivated me entirely.

Evergreen is a vegan cafe, serving fresh juices, nutrition packed smoothie bowls, modern savory and sweet dishes, yummy sweets and extra tempting hot drinks. Its a stunning interior full with clean wooden furniture, macrame around every corner and plant walls galore. We arrived around 1100 completely ravenous and ready to indulge in all that Evergreen had to offer.


Can just all agree that these plants + plant walls are NEXT LEVEL amazing?! So much #goals.

We started with juice! There were four different juice options, however, there were only half left by the time we got there (I think all the yogis from the yoga studio next door beat us to a few!) I opted for the 'Be Evergreen', made with spinach, lime, cucumber, fennel, jalapeno, mint and parsley.


Evergreen has a  simple and straight forward coffee menu: a few espresso based drinks and a French Press option. No sweetened options on the menu at all.

We all were ready for coffee, but were devastated when our waiter told us that they were experiencing problems with their espresso machine. We told him we'd wait to see if they could get it working and if it was still having issues by the end of the meal, we'd opt for the French Press. In the process, we took turns ordering from their other 'tea-like' based options. I ordered a matcha latte, a friend took tried the turmeric latte and another railed in some loose leaf green tea. I loved my matcha latte -- it wasn't sweetened, so you could really taste the matcha base. The cashew milk, an Evergreen cafe signature, gave it the perfect touch of sweetness.


At the end of our indulging meal, he came back and gave us the glorious news that we could get our flat white. Hallelujah! I won't say that it was the best flat white I've ever had, but I enjoyed it. It's made with cashew milk so that added a little twist. I noticed that the espresso wasn't coming through very strong. It felt a tad weak. When I found out the problem with the espresso machine was that it was pulling watery espresso shots, it all made sense. It just means I'm going to HAVE to go back and try it again!

When I asked about what beans they use, our waiter said they sourced beans from the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal. I tried to inquire if they roasted on site or worked through another roaster, but I think his explanation got a little lost in translation... Maybe next time I can better clarification :) 


But oh my goodness... the menu!


I was overwhelmed by indecision. A large part of me wanted a smoothies, because... well... they're just so dang pretty. They bring the soul joy. But the Shakshouka was extra tempting, and the buckwheat pancakes with almond butter sounded appetizing. I'd been craving pancakes for a awhile, so that pushed me to a decision on the pancakes. I felt safe since a couple friends ordered the smoothie bowl options. I could live vicariously them (and snag a bite)! And guys -- maybe I was just really hungry -- but I want to only eat buckwheat pancakes from this point forward.


My friends assured me the smoothie bowls tasted just as good as they looked. And they look GOOD. But then again, have you ever met a smoothie bowl you didn't like?


I want to go back OVER and OVER again.

For my non-vegan friends, which is almost all of you, don't let the 'vegan' nature of this cafe scare you away. There are so many healthy and delicious dishes and fabulous drink options, between juices, smoothies, teas, espresso baked drinks and fresh coffee options. The service was superb and the staff was extremely friendly. If I'm doing life right, I'll be back again soon!


Flat White, Doha, Qatar

Flat White, Doha, Qatar

Nomu Cafe, El Paso, TX

Nomu Cafe, El Paso, TX