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Coffee Box, El Paso, TX

Coffee Box, El Paso, TX

401 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79901

Travel is a key component of my marriage. I'd like to say it's because the hubs and I just LOVE traveling to new places together. But, as much as we delight in traveling, our delight in exploring doesn't drive our constant push to jump on airplanes and hop to across the US. Travel instead remains at the heart of our relationship because of our military careers and long-distance marriage. It's been a sacrifice, but despite the obvious downfalls of separation, there have been so many silver linings! Prime among them is that the distance has pushed us to meet up in interesting, new places. 

My hubby recently re-located to a small town in New Mexico and El Paso, Texas is the closest city with an airport. Growing up in Texas, I had imagined El Paso as flat desert land so as you might imagine, I wasn't exactly excited about 'visiting.' But before leaving El Paso and driving back to Alamogordo,  NM my hubs surprised me with a visit to a coffee shop that he thought I'd find 'unique.' What a sweetie, right?


And unique it was!

The Coffee Box is located across the street from San Jacinto Plaza. The Plaza's dates back to 1883 when it first became a park, but it has gone through so many changes since then. At one point it had alligators, which was apparently pretty significant in the 1950s. The shops sits along a main road and there's limited parallel parking nearby, but there is a rather large pay-for parking lot behind it. Warning: I've heard the parking lot can get packed and it may be difficult to park during large events.

The Coffee Box is made up of two stacked shipping containers. Looking at it kind of makes me nervous, like at any moment the top trailer is going to tilt over, but I was assured that it's structurally sound. 


The first floor consists of the coffee shop itself and underneath the canopy offered by the top trailer is a patio area that allows window access for ordering and grabbing drinks from inside. I'm sure you'll spot the 'I love you too!' wall that looks eerily similar to the well-known green wall in Austin, TX at Joe's Coffee.

If anything, it certainly offers a great photo op!

The coffee menu is tailored toward a casual city-drinking coffee audience. There are lots of options - to include frappes, matcha, tea-based beverages, and smoothies. They also offer a fairly large selection of flavored lattes. Cold brew and nitro cold brew also feature here.

Coffee Box brews BLDG 6 coffee, a local roaster in El Paso. I ordered a simple cappuccino and given the nature of the menu, I wasn't expecting anything superb from the roast and quality. But I was pleasantly surprised! I'd order the cappuccino again! The roast was smooth and the capp was creamy - no bitterness or burnt flavors here.

There is a very light pastry-fare and a good number of cake-pops as well. If you're looking for a snack, then you're covered. If you're looking for a hearty breakfast, don't expect to find it here.


This tip jar is just genius. And women clearly tip better!

The downstairs offers very limited seating, but there's a lot more room upstairs!

Cheers for tiny spaces!


The upstairs is calming. The big windows on the side are such a win for natural light. I'm also a huge fan of the matte black light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. Coffee Box DOES offer wifi and the upstairs space is quite and calm, making it a great place to get work done!


Oh, the second floor offers a second covered patio space. 

Bottom line: This is a very neat and unique coffee shop to check out if for nothing else but the design. It seems as though most folks come to Coffee Box for the flavored coffee-type beverages. However, they offer good, quality 'straight' coffee as well. Don't come in large crowds and expect ample seating; but if you dig the minimal, tiny-living movement, I bet you'd find Coffee Box intriguing.



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Bldg 6, El Paso, TX

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