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Baked and Wired, Washington D.C.

Baked and Wired, Washington D.C.

1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW

There's nothing like a visit to Arlington Cemetary, a stroll along the Lincoln Memorial and a look-up at the Washington Monument to make you take pause and appreciate the freedoms of being an American. The United States is pretty young, but this country is still rich in its relatively short history. 

It was only appropriate that I happened to be in D.C. for Veteran's Day.

I spent the day off enjoying the beautiful weather and visiting coffeeshops in Georgetown. 

First stop: Baked and Wired


In most minds of most Georgetown locals, this lovely place is a bakery first and a coffee shop second. I'd be amiss to act like they're wrong :D I mean, I get it. This is a mecca for cupcake devotees or anyone who likes quality sweets. Their cupcakes are enormous and there are so many unique flavors. A giant piece of cake wrapped in parchment paper, topped with creamy icing. What's not to love?

I'm not even sure where to begin with all the baked goods; cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cake, ice cream sandwiches, muffins, coffee cake, and on and on and on. I was overwhelmed by the options. So overwhelmed that I went for what I knew: coffee.

I might add that there were savory options too. They had my favorite breakfast pastry: quiche. 


& tea options.

If we pull our eyes away from the allure of all the sugary goodness, we can rest our eyes on the coffee bar on the other side of the store. Cakes stand stacked in the corner, but a range of coffees also await!

The 'Wired' part of the shop sells coffee from a number of fabulous roasters: Stumptown, Intelligentsia, PT’s, Mountain Air, and Elixir just to name a few.

The 'Wired' part of the shop sells coffee from a number of fabulous roasters: Stumptown, Intelligentsia, PT’s, Mountain Air, and Elixir just to name a few.

'Wired' brews (and sells) coffee from a number of fabulous roasters: Stumptown, Intelligentsia, PT’s, Mountain Air, and Elixir to name a few.


This was the first time in awhile that I've been to a coffee shop that isn't selling or brewing their own roast. It makes total sense for this shop though.  It's bakery selection is so diverse and its demand is so enormous in Georgetown that the shop likely doesn't have time to import and roast their own beans.

I don't see this as negative though -- Wired still uses quality beans from roasters that have earned the loyalty from a number of 'coffee snobs' across the US. Their baristas are knowledgable and passionate about their coffee. And in the end, I'm just stoked I can get a great cupcake and coffee from the same place! 

But I have a hard truth: I didn't get a coffee.

I got a Chaider - Chai tea that is steeped in steaming hot cider. 

My eye caught this small sign (unfortunately blocked by the cute 'Yo' sign above) that had Chaider listed on it. I asked the barista what this mysterious thing was and his description of it sold me immediately. And friends, this was hands down my favorite drink of Fall. Anyone and everyone who goes here really ought to try it!

The seating options aren't necessarily limited, but the shop is often packed. There's a bar to sit at, a few couches to lounge on and a spattering of high-top tables in the back. On a busy day, you'll have a hard time finding a seat for yourself, let alone yourself and a friend unless you're patient. Proof to its goodness: this place is popular. 

Whatever you do, don't miss the napkin wall in the back.

Love notes, witty prose, cartoons, drawing and sketches. This wall is covered in little pieces that you could spend a good hour perusing. And as you can see, its contents have authors from across the globe. How fun, right?! I have to wonder how it started...

Hopefully I've convinced you that that this shop is more than a bakery -- but a fabulous bakery with a coffee shop to make it EVEN better.

Blue Bottle Coffee, Washington D.C

Blue Bottle Coffee, Washington D.C

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