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I'm Melanie and a traveling coffee blogger based in the South. This space is about more than coffee though - it's about the people who serve it, the spaces you drink it and the convos that bloom around it. Won't you join me?

MOD Coffee House, Galveston, TX

MOD Coffee House, Galveston, TX

2126 Postoffice St, Galveston, TX 77550

Galveston is a place very near to my heart. I'd like to say that the beach is awesome, but this is the Gulf of Mexico people. It's something even better than that. It's family memories.

 My parents bought a fixer-upper cottage on the island (we used to joke that we can by no means call this dwelling a beach house) and put their hearts into renovating it. We recovered hardwood floors under three layers of linoleum and rebuilt the bathroom and the kitchen. It took years to make it into the cozy abode it is today. My brother lived in it during his first summer attending Texas A&M Galveston, when it had no electricity and no water! He took a break, joined the Marines and returned four years later to finish school at Texas A&M. He'd then went onto to buy his own house on Galveston Island. The real American dream I 'spose!

Galveston has been through a lot. I strongly remember being in high school when Hurricane Ike hit and destroyed so much. The devastation was widespread and it took mountains of hardworking folks to clean the island up. There's been loads of effort from the community to make Galveston special. Just take a look at Pleasure Pier and the buzzing Strand. Since leaving Texas, I've savored my return trips to the island to visit my parents. Almost habitually, my Mom and I hit up antique shops downtown and grab coffee at Mod Coffee House.

And if you look at the 'Coffee Hunch' story, you'd see this is where Coffee Hunch all began.


MOD Coffee House is on Postoffice, which is one of the popular downtown Galveston streets. And yes, it is indeed one word. This area, often referred to as the Strand, is sprinkled with boutiques, some of Galveston's best restaurants and a few preserved historical buildings. Next to Mod Coffee House is one of my brother's favorite stores, the Witchery, a metaphysical shop carrying books, herbs and incense.

MOD is most known for its signature lattes. I hear great things about the 'Just Trust Me' Latte! I got the Holly, mostly because I just like the name; it was a little sweet for my normal taste, but I def got what I asked for! The menu is certainly geared more towards latte lovers and sweet coffee drinkers. The coffee shop brews Katz Coffee, a coffee roasted in neighboring Houston. Katz specializes in small batch coffee roasting and has been stocking local Houston restaurants since 2003.

Of note, the shop also features things like protein smoothies and yummy pastries made IN HOUSE!

MOD Coffee House is truly a 'hang-out' kind of coffee shop. Plenty of seating, natural light and good wifi.


The shop can be broken down into four parts: the patio outside (nestled under a plant-covered pergola), an indoor mainstay, an upstairs nook and an airy side room for studying.  It's favorited by many Texas A&M Galveston students looking for a good place to study and frequented by locals catching up over a brew. 


This guy was absolutely thinking, 'why is this chick taking a photo of me?' I reached max creeper status. Sorry bruh!

The room in which this Coffee Hunch photo victim sat is a big open space with lots of tables, beautiful floors and chill vibes. 

The shop also features beautiful artwork from folks around the area and music on the weekend!

In my mind, you can't visit the Strand and not stop in for a coffee. If you're there on the weekend, it's a great place to stop in and hang around or plan for to catch some good jams. Otherwise, grab a coffee and continue your stroll downtown!

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