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Back in the Day Bakery, Savannah, GA

Back in the Day Bakery, Savannah, GA

2403 Bull Street, Savannah, GA 31401

We all get wanderlust. We look for an excuse to take off early on Friday and go somewhere new, anywhere new. The best thing about Sumter may just be its proximity to some pretty great places, places like Savannah, Georgia. When I think of Georgia, three things come to mind: Spanish moss, pralines and Forrest Gump. I've never met anyone from Georgia I didn't like. They are what I like to call 'good ole folks'; they talk slow with intention, ask about your family, open doors and give up their seats for you. They are the kind of people that will offer you the last cookie before taking it for themselves. Combine these people and coffee shops and you just can't lose. 

One pair of these 'good ole folks' are Cheryl and Griffith who started Back in the Day Bakery.


Cherry pie, cupcakes, lemon bars, and quiche.

Oh my.

Back in the Day Bakery has been around for about 15 years and it's made a name in Savannah for their delicious baked goods. The acclaim of Cheryl's cupcakes are deep and wide. All the sweets are made fresh, in-house from scratch with original recipes. Recipes so original and coveted that the've even got their own cookbook. I was able to sneak in the back and see the magic happen. With a name so fitting to the task, Grace (shown below) is icing their cupcakes with home-made buttercream magic.

Don't be fooled though; their baked menu extends beyond just sweets. Their savory options are just as equally on point. 


I'm often caught with indecision, but this visit I felt the Cheddar and Kale Biscuit call me by name. My friend Alannah felt equally subjected to the alluring sirens of the Tomato and Basil Biscuit. 

We added some an egg and bacon to our biscuits and came out with real winners. The biscuits were crunchy on the oustide and warm and soft on the inside.

How beautiful are these vintage wooden counters, concrete floors and wood-paneled walls? 

Rhetorical question, of course. I'm certain you agree with me.

And can I just say, I so appreciate the coordination of the staff with their cute aprons and bandannas.


Skipping ahead to food...


I was so curious where all the herbed flavor was coming from. When I opened my biscuit, it's when I realized, that it's not just the biscuit itself that's loaded with herbs, it's the egg too!


We sha'int forget coffee.

I opted for a latte this morning; but was really temped by the moxie buzz (coffee WITH espresso), but I knew I'd be drinking coffee all day, so I went for a slightly less caffeinated option. Alannah chose the cold brew with a dash of almond milk. Back in the Day offers the full range of espresso based drinks; you can get a good feel for the coffee menu if you squint your eyes below.


Aside from my breakfast biscuit, I would name the cheerful vibe and original decor as my favorite part of the bakery.

Look close and you can see the ladies baking away!


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