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Das Kaffee Haus, Blue Ridge, GA

Das Kaffee Haus, Blue Ridge, GA

612 E Main St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Time takes no prisoners. Time takes no pity. It doesn't slow down. It doesn't take breaks. It just keeps on speeding by. This sobering reality is sometimes a little overwhelming. So what did I do? 

I grabbed my two best friends and I ran for the woods. Time may not be willing to slow down, but I was going to stretch it for all its worth. Using pancakes, screened-in porches, apple orchards and mountain hikes, I was going to draw out two days the farthest I possibly good. And friends, I'd say was pretty dang successful.

For my return to civilization, coffee became extremely necessary. 

Thank goodness, Das Kaffee Haus was ready to help.

Kaffee Haus 1.jpg

Das Kaffee Haus is nestled perfectly in downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia. Being in the South, I was just so excited that it was open on Sunday. 

Kaffee Haus 6.jpg

You'd be correct to assume that the owner is indeed German.

I'm of the opinion that Germans are good at everything, but one thing I know as a fact: Germans are are fantastic bakers. Das Kaffee Haus upholds all the stereotypes with their plentiful options for baked goods AND chocolate. If you've got a sweet-tooth, this place is for you! If you're looking for a warm savoury breakfast though, you might want to consider a stop in addition to Kaffee Haus.

I opted for the apple cider donut, because given the time of year, there really was no other option.

The store brews Batdorf and Bronson, a coffee bean proudly roasted in Atlanta. I've come to understand Batdorf and Bronson is a wide-spread Georgia favorite.  Das Kaffee Haus serves the traveler who's just looking for a drip coffee, but will also cater to the coffee aficionado looking for a more distinct coffee experience, with a pour over or carefully made cold brew. 

I got a latte.

And it was bigger than my head.

I could not believe how humongous my latte was! It was definitely Texas sized. Another pro (aside from their giant lattes) : Das Kaffee Haus is served by a VERY friendly staff. The barista was such a sweet soul who was ready and willing to take the time and answer and any question I had about the menu and/or the ingredients.

Are you surprised when I tell you that I love their decor the most? 

I so admired how they've combined old and new. They held such a neat eclectic style with mismatching tables and chairs, rustic wooden benches and modern light fixtures. Two antique chairs sat for sale in the front that looked like they belonged to a 18th century German bierhaus. Tempting indeed.

Kaffee Haus 5.jpg
Kaffee Haus 4.jpg
Kaffee Haus 9.jpg

One thing is for sure: there's plenty of seating.

Especially if it's a sunny day outside. The back is full of covered porch seating.

If you're in the Georgia Mountains and are craving something sweet, be sure to stop in!

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