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I'm Melanie and a traveling coffee blogger based in the South. This space is about more than coffee though - it's about the people who serve it, the spaces you drink it and the convos that bloom around it. Won't you join me?

Revival Caffe Bar, Chicago, IL

Revival Caffe Bar, Chicago, IL

125 S. Clark St, Chicago, IL, 60603

Chicago is a city of silver linings for me. While on a way to a conference overseas, my connecting flight got stuck on the tarmac and I missed my long-haul flight. Let me just say, I wasn't mad about it. It afforded a day in the windy-city to get deep dish pizza, take a ton of photos at 'The Bean', have a cold drink on the sunny Navy Pier,

 and visit new coffee shops.

Revival Cafe Bar and their impressive long table, got my immediate attention.

What I didn't know was that Revival Cafe is just a component of a fancy food court named Revival Food Hall. The fact that Google Maps could only find Revival Food Hall should have clued me in, but I apparently didn't quite catch on.

But the 'tada' light bulb went off when I walked in!

Revival Bubble Lights.jpg

The ceiling captured and held my attention for the first two minutes until I remembered -- Oh yeah, I came for breakfast and coffee. The Cafe Bar stayed full our entire time there, but I didn't care because all I really wanted to do was sit at the long table! 

Revival Cafe is a good place for people who take their coffee seriously and for those who just need their caffeine fix. You can go more 'mainsteam' with a cold brew, nitro cold brew or even a nitro latte (hadn't heard of that before!). However, if you're a player in the note-tasting coffee game, you can also order a V60 or a Chemex pour-over with your choice bean.

Revival Ladies At Bar.jpg

I ordered a flat-white and was disappointed when it came in a to-go cup. I was excited to see their latte art (and due to microfoam, the flat-white is quite possible the best canvas)... But alas, no ceramic cup. So, no good coffee photos.

But, I did get lots of donut pictures.

Revival Bakery .jpg

Hotel Chocolate is all of five feet from Revival Cafe. Having not yet noticed the donuts, I first ordered a bagel & smear. And then my friend ordered a bagel & smear AND a donut. I was so glad she gave me 'permission' to get a donut too.

Note to future self -- donuts are always a good idea.

 ...especially when they have heart-shaped holes.

Revival Long Table.jpg

Now, someone please go 

try the nitro latte

And let me know what you think!




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