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Indah Coffee, Columbia, SC

Indah Coffee, Columbia, SC

2238 Sumter St, Columbia, SC 29201


Sumter lacks a Whole Foods and a Target -- two places where I could easily spend much of my paycheck. At first, I was upset about this; however, I like to now think of it as a part of my savings plan. When I make my bi-weekly trips up to Columbia to spend hours finding things I don't need at Target, I lump in a visit to a new coffee shop!

The last trip landed me at Indah Coffee.

And friends, this place is a goodin'.


Indah Coffee isn't quite in downtown Columbia; but it's close and that's what makes it so good!

No fighting for a parking spot or continually failing at attempts to parallel park.


I was very surprised to learn that Indah Coffee has only been open since May 2017. I'd seen Indah at the Soda City Farmer's Market downtown and just assumed they'd been around awhile. Given the quality of their coffee and their friendliness, it's easy to understand why these folks seem like good ole' oldies in Cola Town.

The pictures above capture 80% of the seating; single tables for friends to catch up over coffee, bar seating for single patrons and a comfy lounge chairs for a more relaxed coffee break. I wanted to observe and watch so I took a table seat against the wall.

I went in around 11 AM with an appetite. I learned quickly that these folks are mainly in the coffee business and my only eatin' options consisted of pastries. Take heed, the pastry selection was very unique AND yummy. Chocolate croissants ALWAYS sound like a good option, but I was mesmerized by the Mac n' Cheese croissant! It was heavenly -- crisp and buttery with salt flakes on the outside and creamy good cheesy noodles on the inside. Genius!


Mac n' Cheese Crosissant

It's that good.

The coffee menu was wonderfully simple. I opted for my favorite hot coffee: a flat white.

Indah Coffee roasts their own single-origins beans. The story on their website lets on to their beginning of re-discovering the art of intentional, slow-made coffee while in Indonesia. After tasting my flat white, I couldn't resist buying myself a bag of beans and taking their passion back home with me. I now recommend them to folks in the Sumter area who are looking for a good place to buy fresh, quality coffee nearby.


I enjoyed watching the diverse number of folks stream in and out -- standard visitors who were in for their lunch-time coffee fix, college students looking for a brew to get them through the day and two elderly ladies in the corner playing catch-up.

It's a place I'll CERTAINLY return to -- maybe next time in the evening!


From the looks of the wine bar...

They've got a evening drink options too.





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